rahul iyer

rahul iyer

who are you?

hi! well…

i love coffee.

i’m innately curious.

i care a lot about humans.

i love building things that bring people joy.

i’m currently burying myself in the rabbit hole that’s web3.

are you building anything right now?

well, i tinker a lot… sometimes i build to learn.

sometimes for some side cash.

sometimes because i think it will bring the world happiness.

…but do you work-work?

duh. as of late,

i’ve been working across fintech and web3 as a contractor in product.

but i’ll keep this short and point you to where you can find out more about that.

🔗 linkedin = web2

🐦 twitter = web3

wait, you’re an author too?!

ha, no.

but i do i like to put my fingers to keys.

and from time to time,

i’m proud of what i write.

Building a DAO to Learn in Web3
How I Left My Consulting Career Behind and Broke Into Tech

can i hit you up?

i’d love to chat.

DMs are always open (@rahuldotiyer), in order of preference.

🐦 twitter

📸 instagram

did i just have a conversation with you?

yes... no... maybe?

i mean… you did just read this conversationally.

i like to have fun.

hopefully, this was a nice change up to your day.