rahul iyer

rahul iyer

who are you?

hi! well…

i love coffee.

i’m innately curious.

i care a lot about humans.

i love creating things that bring people joy.

i’m currently burying myself in the rabbit hole that’s generative art.

what do you do?

i’ll keep it short and sweet.

i currently work in product @ art blocks.

i absolutely love what i do.

through my work, i’ve grown a deep admiration for art.

wait, but do you art?

ha, why yes.

i love generative art.

it’s what i’m most deeply exploring today.

below are a couple of projects i’ve released.

all the other fun stuff is on twitter.

Interpretations of the SunInterpretations of the SunSemblanceSemblance

can i hit you up?

i’d love to chat.

DMs are always open (@rahuldotiyer).

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